Friday, December 28, 2007

Rockband Featuring You

I found this today as I was driving around in the morning. This is the Penalty Box on North Main Street, Providence. I have seen Karaoke and live bands billed here before, but never Rock Band (the most recent video game that I have made).

Pretty funny. I think it is going on tonight...maybe I will go check it out.

Rock Band...featuring me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picto-Review of Corleone DVD

Corleone Records were kind enough to send us copies of some of their wares, and so it is review time. For starters, we are taking a pictorial look at the Corleone DVD collection entitled "CORLEONE 10yrs EVERYTHING I OWN IS BROKEN OR BENT DVD". Maximize your browser window for full awesomeness and click here or the preview below to see the entire review.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

OSS photos, finally

HUZZAH! Some photos surface form the Machines With Magnets show! Elliot Clapp, one of the many photogs shooting that night, has sent me some images and I wanted to share.

Olneyville Sound System

Saturday, December 01, 2007

this week

The Baroness/Witchcraft show was really good. The Middle East's sound was terrible...huge, compressed, boomy 80's drums...but the bands were great.

Tonight: Our own ST. Jude in Wooooster.

then...December 5:

White Mice return from a havok filled tour ready to slaughter. Record release party too.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Witchcraft and Baroness

Two bands that have been playing pretty constantly on my stereo these past few months are coming to Boston on the same bill. If you are looking to get your fill of elf-laden Sabbathery or math-laden art rockery, or both...this is your show. Plus props to John Dyer Baizley (of Baroness) for making some of the best album art that I have seen in a long time (Baroness, Torche, Skeletonwitch, etc).

BTW...WTF! why isn't Witchcraft coming through Providence? Why do these sweet ass bands rarely come through Providence?
Actually, the answer was explained to me this weekend and it comes down to some booking agent issues...but COME ON bands! Get it together and get out here to Lil' Rhody. Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, all sludgemasters...come on down...

Monday, November 19, 2007


From Gerge Busch DropDead at Alex's Benefit

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Show = Benefit

Still not sure of the true lineup order...but I wanted to get this benefit up on the front page again. As BobDead says on the forums:

"The show is a benefit for Alex Svoboda. Who, on August 11th 2007, was the victim of unnecessary police brutality while participating in an IWW march against Jacky’s Galaxie restaurant in North Providence. After the cops had asked the group to move to a certain designated area several officers took the opportunity to make a vicious example of Alex by beating her, breaking her left leg, pepper spraying her, and then having the nerve to charge her with assaulting three officers, resisting arrest and obstructing *justice*. All the procedes will go towards her legal defense and her never ending hospital charges. Band together!"

The bands and other artists will be selling a bunch of stuff too, which will add to the Benefit fund to varying degrees.

Oh...and did you notice...OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM is playing!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Ipod Game

Today was a big day for my office. We announced AND released a new secret project that we have been slaving away on. It is called PHASE and is a sort of successor to our earlier games Frequency and Amplitude. The big deal here is that a) You play it on your Ipod! and b) it makes game levels out of YOUR MUSIC.

That's right. turn your Ipod into an Olneyville Sound System arcade system.

I am hoping that people like it...and so far so good. As of just 12 hours after it's release, Itunes has it rated at 4 stars by 132 reviewers. My fingers are crossed.

I am going to go now so I can move my Six Finger Satellite collection into the PHASE playlist.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Providence Band Aid

From BobDead's forum post:

This is the final and complete times/slots will be posted as soon as I figure it out...PLEASE come early to this as I will be having GREAT bands starting the gig to get your asses in early...this isn't Olneyville, so don't come on the Olneyville WILL miss out!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random Slice

I just wanted to give some random props to Nice Slice on Thayer Street. These guys are always awesome and make killer pizza. Thin crust, tangy sauce, spicy pepperoni...really good.

If you are looking for some gross crap like Eggplant Parm Pizza or Tuna Casserole Pizza, you will have to go somewhere else...but if you are looking for well made thin crust pies this is the place. Carnivore, Omnivore and Herbivore friendly.

That's biggie. Just spreading the word.

(ps, I stole this photo off of Flickr here)

Friday, October 12, 2007

10 Years of Corleone

Tons of good bands, but I gotta say I am most psyched to see BONEDUST!

Seriously, this is gonna be good.

02:00- Dr Fuck Yeah (members of the body, snake apt, bonedust)
02:45- Fang Island (RISD prodigy hammer party from PHILLY)
03:30- Tiny Hawks (first show in like ten months)
04:15- Pines of Rome (reunion show. providence circa 1999)
04:45- Jacob Berendes (paris of the 80s heartthrob)
05:15- Uke of Spaces Corners (uke of phillips, tea drinking motherf'ers)
06:00- Fred Thomas (of saturday looks good to me solo)
06:45- VVLTVRE (members of bonedust and ganja)
07:30- Barnacled (original line up with the italian george cloony)
08:00- Lazy Magnet (welcome home show/record release party)
08:30- Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores
09:00- Bonedust (first show from their year hiatus)
09:30- WORK/DEATH (homecoming show)
10:00- Snake Apartment (flannel storm)
10:30- The Body (the best)
11:00- Night Wounds (portland skronkers)
11:30- Lorna Doom (members of the body go hip hop)
12:00- Mahi Mahi (prom dance)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Good shows this week.

Wizzardz on the 8th High on Fire/Mono on the 12th. Don't forget.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stairwell Gallery show tomorrow

Stairwell Gallery is having a show tomorrow night featuring art by Eamon Brown and Dan Talbot.

Stairwell Gallery 504 Broadway, 7-10 with cafe intellingencia (tobey&broadway)

Here is a map

Friday, September 21, 2007

Allison Cole show at Kafe Lila

Not sure why no one posted it to the listings, but Kafe Lila is having an art opening tonight featuring work by Allison Cole. Starts at 8, ends at 10. Be sure to get some of Lila's amazing snacky treats too.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Circle is playing at the Middle East on 9.11.07

I love these guys. I wish it were Pharaoh Overlord instead, as I like that side project better than the original band...but Circle's 2002 album Sunrise is still one of my faves years later.

Also, here is the intro cinematic to my new game Rock Band. As many of you know, lots of Providence inhabitants make these Harmonix games with me and this new one was recently announced. It lets you play drums, guitar, bass and vocals in persistent bands. Pretty cool. I prefer the HiDef version, but didnt think you would all want to wait for the d/l. Here you go:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yup...that MWM show was sweet. I wish all shows had a cool outside space with homemade ice cream, record labels, homemade cookies and bike repair. Instead there is just smoke and people that smoke.

I only got to see 4 bands due to previous commitments, but I have to say they were all really good. For 4pm, HOWL brought the metal. After that I saw Lolita Black...who as they get more Rock (capital "R") they get more awesomer . Yup. After that I walked to Chine Inn, had some scallion pancakes and then got back for Badman and then Dirty On Purpose...both of whom I have never seen, both of whom were good. I was psyched to see the variety in bands at this gig. Eclectic.

Project Diggs was in effect too which was also cool. There were some pretty interesting photos up as well as a cool piece that has light traces falling over a model in the dark. I liked that one. It was like something that I did in art school with Polaroid Land Cameras, a model, a dark room and a handheld red laser pen. Fun with light.

Thank God for Machines With Magnets. That space is so fucking cool and the people are top notch.

Oh, and now for something completely different:

Friday, September 07, 2007

Machines With Magnets Anniversary Show

Musical Performances by:
11:45pm Daughters
11:15 The White Mice
10:45 Wizzards
10:00 The Awesome Bros
9:15 Neptune [boston]
8:30 Dirty on Purpose [nyc]
7:45 Badman
7:00 Sweethieves
6:15 Animal Hospital[boston]
5:30 Lolita Black
4:45 Howl
4:00 Sick Electric
3:15 Area C
2:30 Txoca Txoca
1:45 Jared Paul
1:00 Déjà Vu Mountain
12:15 Eyes Like Saucers

Saturday, from noon on. Do it.

Project Digs Art Opening
Kafe Lila
Nice Slice
Recycle A Bike
The Dirt Palace
If'n Books
Secret Eye Records
Allison Cole / Bang Bang Your Thread

From the North:
95 South to Exit 27
Right off Exit onto George St/Park Place
At Stop sign make left
Through traffic light onto Main Street
2nd building on left
make first left after building and park in parking lot

From the South:
95 North to Exit 27
First Left onto Pine Street
Right onto Church Street
park in 2nd parking lot on left

Friday, August 31, 2007

To autoplay or not

Heya everyone-

So, there is this nifty playlist thingamajig over there on the right that is now almost entirely populated with local music from the past and present. It is now set to play on random shuffle. It will continue to grow as I add music to it. Currently I have it set to autoplay so that you may be pleasantly surprised with something that you may not have otherwise heard.

I am conducting a little poll on the forums, here, to see if people would rather it autoplay when you get to the site or just sit quietly until activated.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Addresses, Don't do it

Dudes and Dudettes...

If you are posting a show on our lovely Listings page but are NOT from the establishment that is hosting the show please do NOT post the address of the place.

Of course, if it is the Penalty Box or AS220 or something...well fine, but if it is one of our beloved local shows off the beaten path then lets just not. ok? They will thank you for it (well, they won't...because they will never know that you were going to in the first place, right?)


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Black Cobra + Fourhorse and some Wrastlin'

Holy shit. On a whim, I went with a bunch of people to see Ring Of Honor wrestling up in Boston hoping to fit it in before the Theo and the Skyscrapers show. It is extreme "pro" wrestling on a small scale and was in a community college gym. It was insane. Look it up on youtube. There were high fliers, brawlers, goofballs and of course...tons of off the wall melee amidst the crowd. The last match had 2 tag teams fighting in the stands and it was like a tornado ripped through the place. Not a single piece of furniture was standing. Fun.

Unfortunately, I was never told that the Theo and the Skyscrapers show was an all ages show, so when I called at 10PM (during intermission at wrestling) to see when TATS was on, they told me the show had been over for an hour or so. Crap.

Anyway, there looks to be a good'n coming up this Wednesday thanks to Armageddon Shop:

Black Cobra (FL/CA)
Iron Age(TX)
War Hungry(PA)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tonight and the 10th

HOWL is playing tonight (Sunday) at the Living Room with The Aardvark Trail, YavinFive, The Intruder and High/Horse. howl is currently on permanent rotation in my car. Members of HOWL were students of mine at RISD.

I need to book a show somewhere so I can play with my ex-student's bands. That would be weird... but fun. Megasus, Cheeseburger (NY), HOWL, Teenage Waistband...

Also, Theo (ex-Lunachicks singer) is playing with her band Theo and the Skyscrapers on the 10th of August. I am gonna head up to Boston to see them at the ICC. Theo recently did all of the Motion Capture for the "female singer" in my new game ROCKBAND. The Skyscrapers are sorta new-new wave, electro rock.

Anyway, there you go. See you at HOWL tonight?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh. So you like Metal? What about Death Metal? Yes? What about female vocal Death Metal? You do? Well do I have a show for you.

My pal Mallika (works at Harmonix) is the singer of the opening act on August 3rd. The band is Abnormality. They will be serving some Death Metal for you.

I have never seen a human body part move as fast as the guitarists picking hand. Jesus, I swear the thing was just a blur the whole show. I dunno how it was captured on film.

The headliners are Goreality. Not like GO! REALITY...but more like GORE! REALITY. Anyway, if Deathmetal is your bag and you don't mind going to places with horrible names like "Jerky's" check it out. This guy here, I think his name might be Fish...I saw him play in New Bedford and it was heavy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Paul and I went straight from work to the Middle East tonight to see Pelican. The opener...I cant remember their name...Priest something, were pretty good mixed with pretty boring. Then Clouds were next. I wanted to like them because one of them is from CaveIn...but the were boring dude rock. Pelican however, saved the night. They ruled. Enormous and ominous.

I am sending this pic and text from my phone/paul's car so who knows if it will make it through all of those internets to lotsofnoise.

Monday, July 23, 2007


The site was down for a little bit...but it is back now. I was trying to ditch an old domain name and this one got caught up in the confusion.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Posters on Listings Page

Hey! you guys figured out how to post images on the Listings page. SWEET! I am psyched to have rock posters on that page.


Please be considerate.
Keep images to like 250 pixels tall. I want the listing page to load fast on people's phones too (like it does now) and giant poster images wont cut it. I love being able to check LON from my phone when I am out at night. Yeah. COOL!

Here is how you do it, if you want:

Just put this code in your extra info panel in the listing submission, in brackets though <...>:

img src="http://blah.jpg/" height="250"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

the GUNSHO gun show

This Friday at 7pm is James' show at the Stairwell Gallery. He and I were planning an interview that I wanted to get up on the site before the show but F'ing ROCKBAND is taking up all of my time. I can't wait until the game ships .

Anyway..stay tuned for some personal time with James here on LON.

Monday, June 25, 2007

400 Blows

So, I have been traveling a bunch and in crunchtime at work, so the blogginess has slowed down a bit. However, I find myself in the Village right now (yes, the one in NY), in my hotel, out on business, having just gotten in from the 400 Blows show at the Midway on Ave B. Anytime I go away for work, the first thing I do it try and figure out who is playing while I am there. I lucked out that 2 hours after arriving in the city 400 Blows was onstage just 5 blocks from my hotel

400 Blows is a band I have been trying to push on folks for years now but with only a few bites. Maybe you will like them? Listen here.

Anyway, they are really fucking good and I finally got to see them. As they loaded in with their 2 Marshall half stacks, svt bass rig and drum kit I noticed that I only saw 3 guys. I figured Drummer, Singer/Something and Bassist...but where was the other guy? There are 4 rigs up there. Then the guitarist came out and twiddled some stereo reverb knobs and it started to make sense. "AH", I thought "the guitarist is gonna use both guitar rigs for stereo". Mmm...wrong. 400 blows, as I learned, has a singer (of the Eric Paul variety) a drummer and a single guitarist that runs through not one, not 2, but 3 full rigs...2 guitar and one bass.

It sounded awesome. If I realized 15 years ago how good a band could sound without a bassist I would have made my life a lot happier by not dealing with bassist (I kid).

Anyway, I can boil it down to a 2 word review...

Awe Some.

OH, also...keep your eyes out for Marnie Stern, Slayer and Pelican...all playing in Boston in the next month or so.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

MWM/LB show

Man, Keith gave me and Jennifer a tour of Machines With Magnets last night before the show. That is one sweet studio. It is so nice to see people do awesome rehabs of buildings in the area instead of all of the idiots that just go and tear down these amazing spaces. If any of you folks are looking to do some recording, check out MWM. Lots of nooks and crannys with great sounds...bouncy "wet" rooms and dead calm "dry" rooms.

Very impressed.

Lots of bands played last night. I have some snaps and super crummy videos of Lightning Bolt thanks to my cameraphone. Man, I need to invent a gizmo that is my Holga (for stills), my Iriver H340 (for audio recording), my Casio Exilim (for palmsized video recording) and an Iphone...yeah. Coming soon.

Also, you might have gotten a flyer for The Sight Of Sound. Check it out May 18th. It says "Contemporary illustrations by OVER 30 different illustrators". Yeah, I am over I am in the show.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pressure Printing

Holy crud. I just found ...have you seen this? The have some super sweet letterpress art by artists like Tim Biskup and Dave Cooper. The printing is amazing and the new-gothic presentation is A#1.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forums are back


Forums are F'ed

Server back up soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stinking Lizaveta rocked it

Man, Stinking Lizaveta was sweet. I totally dug 13th Moon, but this track was awesome too (Scream of the Iron Iconoclast):

This was not filmed at AS220 obviously, but the video still is sweet. Actually, this song was way better here in Providence.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Megasus plays tonight with The Body and others...

We are playing a B-Sharp night this Friday with a bunch of sick bands. I have seen the line-up in three different orders...but I know you will be there for the whole thing so order doesn't matter ;)

Brian is going on tour for over a month with Lightning Bolt so this will be the only Megasus show for a while. We are hoping to record some demos before he splits which would keep me busy for a while.

Here is some info from the B-Sharp/As220 listing:

B Sharp Presents: The Body, Stinking Lizaveta, Megasus, Weedeater and Hard Drug

After four album releases and 10 years of touring around the country blitzing audiences with their famously dynamic live shows, Philadelphia’s instrumental power trio STINKING LIZAVETA (named for a Dostoevsky character) has become an institution of sorts in the US underground music scene. Their eclectic style of music incorporates post-rock, metal, sludge, prog, stoner and doom with jazz stylings and eastern influences. RockDetector's book, 'History of Stoner, Goth, and Doom', categorizes their music as 'doom-jazz', a label that the band have taken to citing when asked to describe their music. Out of the ashes of Buzzoven comes frontman/bass player extraordinaire Dixie's new band WEEDEATER. Fuzzed-out stoner/doom rock is what Weedeater is all about. This shit is not for the weak; this is how the world sounds after a week of partying or five pot brownies later. It's a CD that kind of hypnotizes you. Everything is slower, everything is heavier, and the true evil of the world is delivered through Weedeater. THE BODY (Providence) is two men and several amps, one drum set and one guitar turned up really really loud. Two of the nicest most upbeat dudes playing the most wicked evil rock.

(image by HellWig)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Heart Danava

I dunno much about these guys other than they are from Portland Oregon, but I have been listening to them for a while and can't get enough. Danava is filling the hole in my heart where YOB used to be.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Man...Will Schaff's cut paper pieces are bananas.
B A N A N A S.

Have you seen them?

Look Here.

Monday, February 19, 2007


First off...I suck. Slayer sold out so after all of my complaining and procrastinating...I lost out. Oh well, next time. Last time they were here in Providence my friends and I heard that Slayer was going to be at Dave and Buster's after the show. Naturally, we went there.

It was weird. As if the Providence Place mall isn't weird if Dave and Buster's isn't weird enough...there was Slayer. In the mall. It was just two worlds colliding. I didn't like it. I never wanted my Slayer and my Mall to mix. eh.

Anyway, the reason for this post was to talk about Have you heard of it? It is so sweet. It is still in it's infancy in that many bands, etc are not yet supported, but you can see how rad this will be when it really hits critical mass. Go sign up to help make it better.

I added their feed over there on the right too.

Man, I need to figure out how to get LOTSOFNOISE to do RSS.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Slayer is coming...

So SLAYER is coming to Lupo's in a few days . I kinda wish they were here tonight. I bet they put on a sweet, heart-felt Valentine's day show. I mean Valentimes.

Anyway, the price is pretty steep...35 bucks, 40 day of show. That is too much for a show if you ask me, but I will probably go anyway because you are basically stupid if Slayer is in your town and you don't go. Yup.

If you do not want to shell out 40 bucks, here is a video of my favorite Slayer track ever, Black Magic (plus a little Raining Blood too).

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good locals tonight

A good local show tonight. The Set of Red Things is early on and Lolita Black is later. I have not seen any of the other bands I can't say boo about them yet. The show is also a benefit for NYC warehouse workers...

See you there.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trying out new blog features, over there ----->

Blogger added a bunch of decent add ons for folks like me that are hanging on by a thread when it comes to "code" and "technology". Anyway, I will be adding things like RSS feeds from local heroes like Tiny Showcase as well as other linky type things. If you have any cool ideas, bring it. Send me an IM in the forums (name=ryan).

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Women of rock images are up

I took a bunch of Made In Mexico and a couple of Sweetthieves photos at the Providence Women of Rock show...and finally put them up. Click the link above. If I get my shit together I will put up some more movies too.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

MASSart kids cause widespread panic?

I did not go into my Boston office yesterday so the ridiculous "bomb threats" had no effect on me...but here is a pretty sweet Press Conference from the recently release artists that posted the Cartoon Network Moonanite viral marketing.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Black and White

Black Pus and White Mice tonight.


Thursday, January 25, 2007


Saturday night at the Flavorcave/Firehouse13
Doors at 8, show at 9.