Thursday, September 15, 2011

5th Biennial Photo Lottery

It's the 5th Biennial Photo Lottery at AS220! Help support the epic expansion of the photo program at AS220 and contribute to the growing community or artists and photographers in Providence and beyond.

The Photo Lottery will showcase over 150 pieces of photo-based artwork for the month of September. On Sept.24, the lottery commences! For a $125 donation, you will receive a ticket to the event and a chance to win one photograph in this truly unique photo frenzy! Every ticket sold will correspond at random to a piece of art on the wall.If you buy a ticket, you're already a winner! Buy your ticket and claim your piece of photographic history at AS220!

AS220 has provided affordable access to a traditional black and white photographic resources through the Paul Krot Community darkroom since 1995, and with the opening of the Mercantile Block expanded to include digital and color photography and studio lighting to our list of available, publicly accessible resources. By donating $125 to this event, you will help support AS220 Photo and help us continue to provide access and opportunities to local photographers.

You can pick up your ticket the night of the Photo Lottery at our Will Call table. Please bring a copy of your paypal/as220shop receipt with you so we can confirm your purchase with our records and ensure everyone gets the tickets they've paid for.

To learn more about AS220 Photo, our classes, our membership options, and this exciting new phase or our existence, visit

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

This Weekend Is A Nutfarm/Everyday Magic

Holy mother of God, kittens. Every day this weekend=the most magical day of your life. I'll not waste your life jabbering away, as there is so much to communicate.


Legendary band and erstwhile ultimate fighters OXBOW possibly take down Machines With Magnets with Whore Paint and Tinsel Teeth. Known: Shit's gonna get covered in blood. Unknown: If said blood will be real or fake.

Festival de Bucket aka Rocktucket
Downtown Bucket, 250 Main St
Sliding $0-5

There's gonna be so much fist pumping and food trucks. Dan Deacon, Fang Island, Math the Band, Ed Shrader's Music Beat, In Heat, The Eyesores, Tig & Bean, The 'Mericans, and Double Decker Dance Band. Maybe a beer garden? Maybe we'll raffle off some sweet gear? Check it out.

Ripping times outside before the weather turns on us for good. Wolves In The Throne Room, Thou, & Worms in Women and Cattle. Do not miss.

Hey, quick aside, Pippi built a mosaic facade for the Dirt Palace, no joke, which is currently showing inside the Bell Gallery at Brown. Imagine one of her beautiful vulture prints, but as tall as a house and involving jewels. Peep the opening from 5:30-7:30 this Friday. Probably you can score some gallery dinner, know what I'm saying? Hey-ohhhhh!