Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peavey Bass

From the Forums:

"If anyone who played RHD that saturday, and took home a Peavey T-40 in it's hardshell case by accident. Get at me (Josh) ASAP.

If anyone has seen an old Peavey T-40 in GREAT condition, black leather strap w/ silver medalions going down it, please please let me (Josh) know.

-Josh 401 451 6784 "

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

VulGarrity, Doomriders and Thunder

I just stumbled upon this band and their myspace while randomly clicking on listing links in the listings page. A brother and sister combo (truthfully? I have heard that one before so I am not 100 percent sold yet) that swap instruments through the entire set and sometimes throughout a song. The sound is sorta Kills meets Cars...sorta. On top of all that...they are from Providence. Somehow I have managed to not see or hear these guys yet but I am intrigued. I am guessing that I overlooked their and due to the similarity of their name to the plethora of "-ity" death metal bands. Anyway, They have a show in Feb at AS220.
I found this video kind of fun. It is like an 80's Hall and Oates video gone gnarly. Not safe for work or kiddies due to the pile of fake murder.

Also, this weekend has these two shows (same night). I will sadly only be able to make one for obvious reasons.



Resources for Human Development (RHD) is sponsoring a "gigantic" benefit
concert at the Blackstone (Hope Artiste village, Pawtucket) on January 23.
2010. We are calling it THUNDER IN THE BUCKET. Doors open at 4:00pm. Music to start at 4:30pm. RHD is a non profit, arts based program that provides services and art instruction to people with disabilities. RHD specializes in providing opportunities
for people to experience the full majesty and glory of rock n roll music. RHD teaches people how to make their own songs, bands, cds, and videos. RHD
finds ways for people to make their own music who never thought they could.

14 bands will be playing on the 23rd. Half the bands will feature people supported by RHD. They include :
+Mrs Six Eyes (featuring Amy Ethier and other legendary PVD musicians like Alec K Redfearn, Mark Stone,and Paul "Pip" Everett)
+Half Man/ Half Human (featuring Jahnoy Skerrit)
+The Flying Snitches (featuring Jeremy Lahousse)
+On Fire (featuring Diane Parenteau and Nathan Harrop)

The other bands include staff members at RHD. They are:
I Destroyer (featuring member of DROPDEAD/members of Suffering Bastard)
Blizzard of 78 (w/ Paul Everett)
Head of Horns (w/ Alec K Redfearn/James "Gunsho" Quigley)
the Death of Paris (member of Sage Francis)

$5 gets you in to see some of the most unusual music you'll ever hear. All proceeds go to RHD. For more info , go to


Friday, January 15, 2010

Girls Rock RI benefit Saturday

GIRLS ROCK! 50 shows in 50 states benefit

The Ram
The Assembly of Light Women's Choir
Blood Sacrifice

The Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA) "provides resources and networking opportunities for its affiliate camps, and promotes the establishment of like-minded institutions worldwide". Notably, the GRCA holds an annual conference for all girls rock camps around the country and around the world to meet up and talk about girls rock camp best practices. It's pretty rad. But they need money to put on this conference, so it's a huge help to both GRR! and camps all over the place if you can attend this awesome benefit show. It's at AS220. It's featuring The Ram (with Jenn and Jeannette from the GRR! Planning Committee), Blood Sacrifice (featuring Reba from Made in Mexico who is also one of our vocal instructors, and Chip from the Body), and the first ever performance of the Assembly of Light Women's Choir, run by Chrissy Wolpert (from Bonedust and Dr. F Yeah-- also one of our vocal instructors) which features local lady rockers, and even a few former Ladies Rock Campers! Sure to be a great time, and of course, it's a great cause. See you there!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Armageddon Shop DJ Night Tuesday, Jan. 12th


Music, Beer, Dudes, Ladies, Pinball, Pool, More Beer.
Garage, Punk, HC, Metal, Indie, Local, Rock, and whatever else.
It's all Rock N Roll.

Second & Last Tuesday of every month
@ The E&O Tap
289 Knight St Providence RI 02909
(West Side, Prov)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Finally.... MULTIFORCE By Mat Brinkman

MULTIFORCE By Mat Brinkman $13.99
22 page 11"x17" softcover comic compiling all the Paper Rodeo strips. Recommended and awesome!

"At last, all of Mat Brinkman’s 2000-2005 comic strip serial Multiforce is collected in one volume at its original printed size. 22 big pages of some of the best comic strips I’ve ever seen. PictureBox scanned and carefully retouched these pages in collaboration with Brinkman. Come with Brinkman as he creates, explores and explodes his visual universe. Deeply personal, extravagantly visual, often hilarious: Multiforce is nothing short of a masterpiece. Big claim? I guess. But then, why not? Most of all, it’s an incredibly enjoyable thing to delve into."

"The pieces of the multifaceted storyline grow together and create a life of their own. The web that's fastened is a solid structure, a jewel that reflects each point of the story as it turns. Like some galaxy contained in an aquarium, Multiforce vibrates beyond the comic book page. Mat Brinkman may be the spiral architect of this generation of cartoonists."