Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stairwell Gallery show tomorrow

Stairwell Gallery is having a show tomorrow night featuring art by Eamon Brown and Dan Talbot.

Stairwell Gallery 504 Broadway, 7-10 with cafe intellingencia (tobey&broadway)

Here is a map

Friday, September 21, 2007

Allison Cole show at Kafe Lila

Not sure why no one posted it to the listings, but Kafe Lila is having an art opening tonight featuring work by Allison Cole. Starts at 8, ends at 10. Be sure to get some of Lila's amazing snacky treats too.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Circle is playing at the Middle East on 9.11.07

I love these guys. I wish it were Pharaoh Overlord instead, as I like that side project better than the original band...but Circle's 2002 album Sunrise is still one of my faves years later.

Also, here is the intro cinematic to my new game Rock Band. As many of you know, lots of Providence inhabitants make these Harmonix games with me and this new one was recently announced. It lets you play drums, guitar, bass and vocals in persistent bands. Pretty cool. I prefer the HiDef version, but didnt think you would all want to wait for the d/l. Here you go:

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Yup...that MWM show was sweet. I wish all shows had a cool outside space with homemade ice cream, record labels, homemade cookies and bike repair. Instead there is just smoke and people that smoke.

I only got to see 4 bands due to previous commitments, but I have to say they were all really good. For 4pm, HOWL brought the metal. After that I saw Lolita Black...who as they get more Rock (capital "R") they get more awesomer . Yup. After that I walked to Chine Inn, had some scallion pancakes and then got back for Badman and then Dirty On Purpose...both of whom I have never seen, both of whom were good. I was psyched to see the variety in bands at this gig. Eclectic.

Project Diggs was in effect too which was also cool. There were some pretty interesting photos up as well as a cool piece that has light traces falling over a model in the dark. I liked that one. It was like something that I did in art school with Polaroid Land Cameras, a model, a dark room and a handheld red laser pen. Fun with light.

Thank God for Machines With Magnets. That space is so fucking cool and the people are top notch.

Oh, and now for something completely different:

Friday, September 07, 2007

Machines With Magnets Anniversary Show

Musical Performances by:
11:45pm Daughters
11:15 The White Mice
10:45 Wizzards
10:00 The Awesome Bros
9:15 Neptune [boston]
8:30 Dirty on Purpose [nyc]
7:45 Badman
7:00 Sweethieves
6:15 Animal Hospital[boston]
5:30 Lolita Black
4:45 Howl
4:00 Sick Electric
3:15 Area C
2:30 Txoca Txoca
1:45 Jared Paul
1:00 Déjà Vu Mountain
12:15 Eyes Like Saucers

Saturday, from noon on. Do it.

Project Digs Art Opening
Kafe Lila
Nice Slice
Recycle A Bike
The Dirt Palace
If'n Books
Secret Eye Records
Allison Cole / Bang Bang Your Thread

From the North:
95 South to Exit 27
Right off Exit onto George St/Park Place
At Stop sign make left
Through traffic light onto Main Street
2nd building on left
make first left after building and park in parking lot

From the South:
95 North to Exit 27
First Left onto Pine Street
Right onto Church Street
park in 2nd parking lot on left