Thursday, April 04, 2013

Please help me KICKSTART my board game!

To all my peoples- Once in a great while I misuse little LOTSOFNOISE to shamelessly promote something else that I am doing. Now is one of those times. Please pass this on to any friend/family member/twitter pal/friendster buddy that you know. I would really appreciate it. THANKS PVD! Your host, Ryan. I am Kickstarting a board game called HIGH HEAVENS here:
from the Kickstarter page: Pit the ancient Norse & Greek deities and demigods against each other in grid-based battle. A tactical 2 player card and board game. Created by award-winning video game industry veteran Ryan Lesser (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Beatles:Rock Band, Dance Central...), HIGH HEAVENS is a 2-player, expandable board game that utilizes lessons learned from 15 years of video game creation and a lifetime of playing board games. HIGH HEAVENS sets the players in the clouds, fighting for ultimate power above the earth. Basic game mechanics focus on battle strategy and tactics. An additional layer of chance is added with the shuffled card deck. This makes the game less predictable, giving the new player a fighting chance against the seasoned warrior and makes it ultimately more fun. The base set pits the Norse pantheon vs the Greek pantheon. Each pantheon contains 12 deities, 12 Divine Powers cards, 2 ten sided dice and the homebase (Asgard or Mount Olympus). Playable in less than an hour, this game has been painstakingly crafted to use the fewest rules with (hopefully) no special cases. It is easy for new players but has tons of depth for those that want to get better and better. It has been described as Magic: The Gathering meets Warmachine meets Chess.