Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Local Images is now active on the navbar. If you are not seeing it over there on the left...reload the page. I have implemented a new Lotsofnoise GALLERY where we can ALL post images. This is a free deal. You register on the gallery, we turn on your account, you post images. Easy.

A few things:
  • Currently every user has a 10 meg limit, so dont post megahuge images. If everyone posts 500x500-ish images as a decent jpg compression, you should get a good 100 images or so. Awesome contributors may get a special gift from me of more space.
  • When you register, an ALBUM is automatically made for you. You can post here, or in the POSTER GALLERY.
  • This gallery is for 2 things only: Images of local Rock Shows/Events and Images of local Rock Posters. I ditched the old, crusty poster archive so that everyone can post to this album. Please put up artwork only, no crappy junk to self promote. I will be reposting all of the old posters that were up before.
  • all albums can and will be moderated. We will ditch anything that does not belong. In fact, as the all powerful owners of the site we will ditch anything that we find inappropriate. Mwaahaahaahaa.
  • Users must register and a moderator will approve. This may take a day or two so be patient.
  • I am working on the look of the gallery to make it jive with the site better. Bear with me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hey, Want to contribute to Lotsofnoise?

We are looking for some of our regulars to help out by occasionally doing one of the following things:

  • Be a blogger (for this new main page)
  • Be a photo blogger (for this main page)
  • Be a forums moderator
  • do interviews
  • write reviews of records or shows
  • other general Lotsofnoise tomfoolery

If you want to help us out, comment to the forum thread in General Discussions. LON is hard work for us and we want to make it even better than it is now. Let us know. Thanks!
So, LOTSOFNOISE was down for a few days due to some issues with us and our host as well as getting funds going. I am moving to a new host soon so hopefully this will not be as much of an issue again.

All listings are CURRENT as of Monday Night. If your post is not up, please repost. I will get it up there. Remember that if you post 1-3 days before the actual run the risk of not getting posted. This is all still old school...we post listings by hand. R O C K
Check out the new Playstation Rock and Roll game by Providence locals Ryan Lesser, Dare Matheson, Jason Kendall and Brian Gibson: