Monday, November 26, 2007

Witchcraft and Baroness

Two bands that have been playing pretty constantly on my stereo these past few months are coming to Boston on the same bill. If you are looking to get your fill of elf-laden Sabbathery or math-laden art rockery, or both...this is your show. Plus props to John Dyer Baizley (of Baroness) for making some of the best album art that I have seen in a long time (Baroness, Torche, Skeletonwitch, etc).

BTW...WTF! why isn't Witchcraft coming through Providence? Why do these sweet ass bands rarely come through Providence?
Actually, the answer was explained to me this weekend and it comes down to some booking agent issues...but COME ON bands! Get it together and get out here to Lil' Rhody. Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, all sludgemasters...come on down...

Monday, November 19, 2007


From Gerge Busch DropDead at Alex's Benefit

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Show = Benefit

Still not sure of the true lineup order...but I wanted to get this benefit up on the front page again. As BobDead says on the forums:

"The show is a benefit for Alex Svoboda. Who, on August 11th 2007, was the victim of unnecessary police brutality while participating in an IWW march against Jacky’s Galaxie restaurant in North Providence. After the cops had asked the group to move to a certain designated area several officers took the opportunity to make a vicious example of Alex by beating her, breaking her left leg, pepper spraying her, and then having the nerve to charge her with assaulting three officers, resisting arrest and obstructing *justice*. All the procedes will go towards her legal defense and her never ending hospital charges. Band together!"

The bands and other artists will be selling a bunch of stuff too, which will add to the Benefit fund to varying degrees.

Oh...and did you notice...OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM is playing!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Ipod Game

Today was a big day for my office. We announced AND released a new secret project that we have been slaving away on. It is called PHASE and is a sort of successor to our earlier games Frequency and Amplitude. The big deal here is that a) You play it on your Ipod! and b) it makes game levels out of YOUR MUSIC.

That's right. turn your Ipod into an Olneyville Sound System arcade system.

I am hoping that people like it...and so far so good. As of just 12 hours after it's release, Itunes has it rated at 4 stars by 132 reviewers. My fingers are crossed.

I am going to go now so I can move my Six Finger Satellite collection into the PHASE playlist.