Friday, August 31, 2007

To autoplay or not

Heya everyone-

So, there is this nifty playlist thingamajig over there on the right that is now almost entirely populated with local music from the past and present. It is now set to play on random shuffle. It will continue to grow as I add music to it. Currently I have it set to autoplay so that you may be pleasantly surprised with something that you may not have otherwise heard.

I am conducting a little poll on the forums, here, to see if people would rather it autoplay when you get to the site or just sit quietly until activated.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Addresses, Don't do it

Dudes and Dudettes...

If you are posting a show on our lovely Listings page but are NOT from the establishment that is hosting the show please do NOT post the address of the place.

Of course, if it is the Penalty Box or AS220 or something...well fine, but if it is one of our beloved local shows off the beaten path then lets just not. ok? They will thank you for it (well, they won't...because they will never know that you were going to in the first place, right?)


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Black Cobra + Fourhorse and some Wrastlin'

Holy shit. On a whim, I went with a bunch of people to see Ring Of Honor wrestling up in Boston hoping to fit it in before the Theo and the Skyscrapers show. It is extreme "pro" wrestling on a small scale and was in a community college gym. It was insane. Look it up on youtube. There were high fliers, brawlers, goofballs and of course...tons of off the wall melee amidst the crowd. The last match had 2 tag teams fighting in the stands and it was like a tornado ripped through the place. Not a single piece of furniture was standing. Fun.

Unfortunately, I was never told that the Theo and the Skyscrapers show was an all ages show, so when I called at 10PM (during intermission at wrestling) to see when TATS was on, they told me the show had been over for an hour or so. Crap.

Anyway, there looks to be a good'n coming up this Wednesday thanks to Armageddon Shop:

Black Cobra (FL/CA)
Iron Age(TX)
War Hungry(PA)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tonight and the 10th

HOWL is playing tonight (Sunday) at the Living Room with The Aardvark Trail, YavinFive, The Intruder and High/Horse. howl is currently on permanent rotation in my car. Members of HOWL were students of mine at RISD.

I need to book a show somewhere so I can play with my ex-student's bands. That would be weird... but fun. Megasus, Cheeseburger (NY), HOWL, Teenage Waistband...

Also, Theo (ex-Lunachicks singer) is playing with her band Theo and the Skyscrapers on the 10th of August. I am gonna head up to Boston to see them at the ICC. Theo recently did all of the Motion Capture for the "female singer" in my new game ROCKBAND. The Skyscrapers are sorta new-new wave, electro rock.

Anyway, there you go. See you at HOWL tonight?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh. So you like Metal? What about Death Metal? Yes? What about female vocal Death Metal? You do? Well do I have a show for you.

My pal Mallika (works at Harmonix) is the singer of the opening act on August 3rd. The band is Abnormality. They will be serving some Death Metal for you.

I have never seen a human body part move as fast as the guitarists picking hand. Jesus, I swear the thing was just a blur the whole show. I dunno how it was captured on film.

The headliners are Goreality. Not like GO! REALITY...but more like GORE! REALITY. Anyway, if Deathmetal is your bag and you don't mind going to places with horrible names like "Jerky's" check it out. This guy here, I think his name might be Fish...I saw him play in New Bedford and it was heavy.