Thursday, May 27, 2010

AS220 Presents: Cyborg Kittens, Dustbowl, etc.

Well, here it is, readers: the moment has come that will test our staid commitment to events, event-going, and communicating exclusively and succinctly about events. These are trying times, people. Up in the news, its all softball scandals and oil slicks. Avert your eyes from these tawdry distractions! Resist the seductive temptations of the blogosphere and television set! Newscasts, be damned! This is all you need to know:

Friday night will offer to us a prismatic showcase of pop/rock and hunkitude. Erin Boucher, get r done! Shryne, Brian Severn & Those Victorious, and Heather Rose share the stage. Saturday promises a a glam-prog extravaganza: A Troop of Echoes celebrates their CD release with Herra Terra, Volcano Kings, and (thank the lord!) Mahi Mahi. And I swore I'd never wear spandex again! We're not just weekend warriors, team: Tuesday the 1st we'll welcome our June Artist /Hacker in Residence, Jimmy Rodgers. (I know, I know! Not the guy that wrote "In The Jailhouse Now." Thats where my mind went, too.) Get ready to bend circuits, build robots, and bust out the solder. Jimmie is here to show us how to hack in style. Make your early-mid nineties fantasies come true! Stop by the labs to see what we're building/destroying/turning into a cyborg (kittens!); stay to build an Atari Punk Console or turn your old toys into blinking musical instruments. 7-10pm every weeknight in June. For rizzle. Wednesday night we're thrilled to host Providence's Pecha Kucha. Did anyone see Lost In Translation? Like that. AND, the following Friday B Sharp is driving the bus. We aim to please.

There it is, readers. I'd love to stay and dish, but I have to break it to the Cute Overload pin-ups that soon they'll be half machine. I'll leave you to it. For a full rundown of the happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, away!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

AS220: Gettin R Done

Bonjour, readers! How goes life in the blogosphere? So far so awesome on this end, thanks for asking. Before we begin in earnest, lets take a moment to debut a new segment I like to call Your Week In Baffling Internet Gossip. Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill sings on a new Christina Aguilera song called I Hate Boys. Seriously? The state of Texas is removing the word "slavery" from all of their textbooks, favoring instead "Atlantic Triangular Trade." Makes sense to me. Photocopiers have a hard drive, which stores scans of everything you ever xerox. When you dispose of/return from leasing/leave unattended your beloved Toshiba, anyone with a philips-head and a USB cable has a window into your passport info, social security number, and tuckus. True story. Ask the interwebs.

This Friday, the careening snowball of Rock n Roll and high fives picks up momentum as What Cheer? Brigade celebrates their fifth birthday. Cakes, greeting cards, and unpitched percussion encouraged. Rounding out the festivities are neat guy Jacob the Terrible, my-very-favorite-rock-band Arcing, and Veveritse. Saturday, in keeping with our apparently newfound tradition, encompasses a host of events so densely packed with intrigue and awesomeness that one questions their heretofore conception of mass. You know how you can fill a jar to the brim with marbles, but there's still room for a cup of sand? Then you think its really packed, but can still add 16 ounces of water? Starting at noon, an all afternoon youth-run collaborative extravaganza, Roots and Rituals, will present workshops about improv, laser cutting, and dance, as well as a Youth Arts Panel discussion at 2 and a slew of performative showcases. Simultaneously in the bar area, our weekly Irish Jam Sesh will provide the soundtrack to "The Best Day of Your Life." Ice cold cocktails! Outdoor seating! Not rain! Who knew? Between 1 and 3, we'll be hosting an open house of our brand-spanking-new Mercantile Building. Picturesque live/work studios! Practice spaces with real locks, and bathrooms you aren't terrified of! Sunday promises a mellow yet riveting chill-fest with haunting acoustic squad Allysen Callery & The Land of Nod, Paul Metzger, Amen Dunes, and Anikki Dawn & The Demons. Shhhhh. AND now, as Monty Python would offer, for Something Completely Different, Monday evening in the darkroom resident photo wizard Denny Moers will unlock the secrets of his signature and quasi-accidental developing processes. Check it out upstairs, and stay for Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa, Alec K Redfearn & the Eyesores, and Hector 3.

SHWEW! I'm breathless, readers, and am feeling flushed. I'm off to get ramped up on Red Bull and practice my Arcing lyrics. What? For a full rundown of the happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, Away!

Monday, May 17, 2010

HOWL and The BODY record releases

Two sweet ass records came out this weekend, accompanied by really good shows.

I was too far away to see The Body (or hear the Assembly of light) most of the time so no pics for that. I did however manage to get close enough to HOWL to snap some pics. See them on the forums or flickr.

Friday, May 14, 2010

As220: Doing Queen Proud Since 1985

Breathe it in, readers. The crisp New England air has given way to some balmy unreality tentatively monickered by its conjectural constituents, "Summer???" Though your glands be enshrined in allergens' mementos, your outward physicality tingles with each warming light; shudders with each passing breeze. I sense it, readers- you've never felt more alive! But in what direction might this newfound vigor be channeled? Toward what momentous endeavor could your energies be most well spun? Try this on for size:

Friday = Progfest, with Sideshow, Doublethink, Infinite Children, and Resistor pop-quizzing your basic math skills from high school. Damn that basic equivalency test! Saturday afternoon is poised, like so many starved and rabid jackals, to erupt into a horizonless infinity of good times and hilarity. Bike swap at high noon, going till 4! Free book-making workshop for kids at 2! Complimentary Irish Jam Sesh from 4-7! PUNK ROCK ALL NIGHT! Read on while I hyperventilate into a paper bag, rockers: Ruiner, Soul Control, Tabernackle, Weak Teeth, and Convulsions grace our humble stage, courtesy of Tor Johnson. Truly, my core has never been so hard. Protective gear encouraged, not just for your ears. Sunday evening, self-identified crazies are invited to take part in the Icarus Project, a rad mental health crew exploring self-care and shirking the traditional mental-health system. Count me in! Falling solidly into the "but not least" category, Wednesday at 5:30 for no charge at all Just Seeds artists and May AS220 Drawer/Inventor in Residence Colin Matthes will present his work of the past month. He'll be giving a slide talk of recent projects that include survival objects realized with scrappy materials, a carnival of War Fair, small "i" inventions (like the kind you might see on an infomercial), contemporary Potemkin villages, and surveillance camera birdhouses. Whut?!

I could tell you that's all, readers, but I couldn't live with the guilt. Though many events fall further and in between, I'm getting antsy, and my bicycle awaits. For the total happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the punk/swap, away!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Last Armageddon DJ Night: Tues May 11th 9pm

This is going to be the last Armageddon DJ night for a while. We both have some projects happening and need to spend the time elsewhere for a bit. We'll probably do a night here and there every few months. Much love to everyone who has supported the night & the staff at The E&O Tap for hosting us and letting up play the rock.

Armageddon Shop DJ's: The Final Night
Tuesday, May 11th
@ The E&O Tap
289 Knight St Providence RI 02909
(West Side, Prov)

Music, Beer, Dudes, Ladies, Pinball, Pool, More Beer.
Garage, Punk, HC, Metal, Indie, Local, Rock, and whatever else.
It's all Rock N Roll.

Friday, May 07, 2010

A Week of Wonder at the AS220

Rise and shine, readers! Get off your tuckus and out into that balmy New England Spring. Or, more specifically, into a dark secluded venue in Providence's lush downcity. Those UV rays are overrated, and will only serve to rob you of your vampiric charm. Besides, your iPhone is giving off enough vitamin D to last you a lifetime. Right? Right.

Tonight grants us the show that we've all been waiting for: B Sharp bestows upon us Olneyville favorites Atlantic Thrills and Los Monos Locos. Muy Bien! Tomorrow promises a non-stop 12 hours of glitter encrusted magic, as well. The party starts at 2pm with Providence "Freedom Summer 2010" Kickball signups. Anybody remember "Breakup Summer 2007"? It'll be like that, but with less tears and more head injuries. Hang in the bar for our weekly Irish Music Session starting at 4, and the sweet Think Outside the Bomb tour at 5. This puppy's going down on a sliding scale of $3-5, and will take the form of a presentation and open dialogue around the intersectionality between nuclear abolition and other struggles for social and environmental justice, anti-war, etc. Rumor has it some rock n roll will also be involved. The party doesn't end there, though. Come 9:30 pm we're firing up an experimental film fest made on the cheap. Fear not, society maidens; its still got class. Lunchfilms indeed. Were I to pick but one winner as the weekdays roll on, I'd be loath to miss Thursday evening's BSS Elementary Showcase. Those gals keep it funky, people, and the dudes aren't bad either. Check out what our youth program does and what beat-making actually looks like. (Ahem. Timbaland? Anybody?) If by some horrifying shortcoming of God or Nature sick beats aren't your thing, give it till 9 that night: punk lives again with The Network, Abominable Iron Sloth, and Jesuscentric add up to a show you won't bring home to mama. Just remember to call her on Mother's Day, will you?

There it is, people. What more could I give? What more could we possibly have to offer? (Spoiler alert: Bike Swap!) For the extended rundown, peep our full calendar on the interweb. Until the rock show, away!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Gunsho Again

James has a rad new day-glo print that he just finished in Chicago. CLICK to buy it.
From the gigposters thread:

The print will be an 8-color 21 x 27" dayglo Blacklight poster depicting the full-on rural bad acid-trip experience. It's the perfect addition to any wood-paneled basement hideaway and will look great over that cat-urine soaked couch. It will be a run-size of 150 and available for the low price of $30.

As some of you may or may not know, I've had some problems for the past couple years, among them is that I've been without a print shop for some time now and it's put a serious dent in getting any prints produced. It's been a nightmare.

Now my dream is coming true. For the first time in 2.5 years I'll be producing an art print again with the help of the very talented Daniel MacAdam of Crosshair while I'm in Chicago next week for Version Festival. I'm curating a show called "Unearthed Americana" at the LVL3 Gallery
hArts for Haiti 4/17/10 : LVL3, opening on April 28th. This print will be part of the show which includes 12 other artists band promises to be very interesting.

Dan has been very gracious to offer his studio to me and help with producing this print and it's an amazing testament to the power of to bring artists together in collaboration to help each other out. This site launched my career as an artist and the folks who have been here from the start were some of the first people out there to give me the confidence to get my work out there. Thank you.

If you'd like to help me out, the prints will be available for $30 each and will be available at the end of next week in the classifieds section. I will have a limited number available then when I return from Chicago.

In the meantime, please enjoy the upcoming print-process thread. Thanks!

This sample of the print doesn't depict the intensity of the dayglo inks, but for now it will do. I hope you enjoy.