Sunday, October 08, 2006

Punk Rock Farmers

There ia a rad article on punk-inspired, urban Women Farmer's in Providence in BUST this month, written by Providence's own Vikki Warner.
I scanned the HERE to read the pages:

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Providence Declares War footage

Anyone have footage of the shows? Mine is pretty terrible. Please post to my thread in the forums if you do. i would love to put it up on Lotsofnoise.

Here are some (admittedly crappy) videos of Lightning Bolt from PDW. I tried to shoot some other bands but all of the videos pretty much sucked. Show was good though!

I know it's dark

And the sounds stinks....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Providence Declares War!

PROVIDENCE DECLARES a two day music festival celebrating the diverseness and unique creativity of the Providence music scene... A showcase of some of the citys newest and best talent, this year's line up is a potent mix of power electronics, ethereal folk, doom metal, psych rock, political hardcore, and every genre in between. The show will also host a wide range of PVDs talented local artists, labels, and music distros to round out the exciting and colorful community that Providence has become famous for.... One of the years most exciting events... Providence Declares War...