Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monument of Urns, Lorna Doom and more

I recently got copies of the 2 Monument of Urns CDs, Lorna Doom, Get Killed, the 75 or less cd comp, the Rare Youth comp and others. The stuff is out in the reviewer's hands and you should be able to feast your eyes shortly.

I have to say that I have been listening to M.O.U. and it is sweet. They are these 2 tiny little CDs with 1 song per (mind you, the songs are like 20 minutes long). The art is good, the music is good. If you like large helpings of doom and gloom with your metal...go snag copies at Armageddon.

I am pretty torn about Lorna Doom. Although I quickly got over the fact that it is in fact NOT a doom metal band :) , I go back and forth on how much I like/dislike the CD. The music is pretty great almost all the way through. It has that cool 80's hip hop thing going on where the song actually has structure and changes (unlike most hip hop albums now with one loop per song). It is noisy and raw and differentiates itself from most hip hop sounds. However, it is the singing that I do not think I can get behind. It is a weird blend of Beasties/Dr. Octagon/MC Paul Barmann. I have been going through phases where I love it...and then don't. You should listen for yourself though...and read the real review when it gets posted.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Lotsofnoise Mobile

Just wanted to let you know that the Listings page works super sweet-like on mobile phones. I mean, I can only speak for Verizon's LG phones with web browsers...but I think it will work universally. I did not do anything to make it so...I guess I just got lucky. Here are shots from my LG phone. Now you can check what the hell is going on no matter where you are.

In this animation I show how I have as a "Favorite", but you can just type in to your phone and navigate over (make sure you use the L_side link) OR make a favorite that is direct to

Photos from LOCAL IMAGES section of lotsofnoise

Just thought that I would post some of the cool images that are in the LOCAL IMAGES case you did not know it was there :) Check them out...there is a ton over there.