Thursday, June 28, 2007

the GUNSHO gun show

This Friday at 7pm is James' show at the Stairwell Gallery. He and I were planning an interview that I wanted to get up on the site before the show but F'ing ROCKBAND is taking up all of my time. I can't wait until the game ships .

Anyway..stay tuned for some personal time with James here on LON.

Monday, June 25, 2007

400 Blows

So, I have been traveling a bunch and in crunchtime at work, so the blogginess has slowed down a bit. However, I find myself in the Village right now (yes, the one in NY), in my hotel, out on business, having just gotten in from the 400 Blows show at the Midway on Ave B. Anytime I go away for work, the first thing I do it try and figure out who is playing while I am there. I lucked out that 2 hours after arriving in the city 400 Blows was onstage just 5 blocks from my hotel

400 Blows is a band I have been trying to push on folks for years now but with only a few bites. Maybe you will like them? Listen here.

Anyway, they are really fucking good and I finally got to see them. As they loaded in with their 2 Marshall half stacks, svt bass rig and drum kit I noticed that I only saw 3 guys. I figured Drummer, Singer/Something and Bassist...but where was the other guy? There are 4 rigs up there. Then the guitarist came out and twiddled some stereo reverb knobs and it started to make sense. "AH", I thought "the guitarist is gonna use both guitar rigs for stereo". Mmm...wrong. 400 blows, as I learned, has a singer (of the Eric Paul variety) a drummer and a single guitarist that runs through not one, not 2, but 3 full rigs...2 guitar and one bass.

It sounded awesome. If I realized 15 years ago how good a band could sound without a bassist I would have made my life a lot happier by not dealing with bassist (I kid).

Anyway, I can boil it down to a 2 word review...

Awe Some.

OH, also...keep your eyes out for Marnie Stern, Slayer and Pelican...all playing in Boston in the next month or so.