Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friday May 18 MWM: Bobby Conn, R Stevie Moore, Kokomo, & Azwan

Guys, the freaks are really coming out for this one. Two of the most legendary musicians of our time are on tour together, and will be gracing Pawtucket with their presence. GET INTO IT!

BOBBY CONN (Chicago) Ready yourself for an obsession.

R STEVIE MOORE (Nashville) This guy has self released more than 400 cassettes. I am not joking.



All happening at bastion of good times Machines With Magnets
Friday May 18

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Tor Johnson 10 Year Anniversary

Saturday May 12th
7pm $8
@ AS220

Saint Jude (bi-yearly show)
Another Dead Juliet (reunion)
Hulk Out (reunion)
Pretty Faces (reunion)
Now Denial
Yavinfive (dusting off the cobwebs)
Weak Teeth

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