Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saturday Aug 27th BLUE COUPE (Orig. BOC & Alice Cooper Band dudes), BACKWASH (Reunion!!) & LOLITA BLACK

Saturday, August 27th 9pm sharp!

Original members of Blue Oyster Cult & Alice Cooper Band!!!

One off Reunion gig! It's been YEARS! Don't miss it!

Fresh off recording a new full length album!

The Roots Cafe (Formerly the Black Rep)
276 Westminister St
Providence RI 02903

Thursday, August 04, 2011

I've Got Good News, And Bad News

Which do you want first, team? The dark news is that "Guy Number 1" Art Middleton is leaving us for more temperate pastures in T-minus not that long, putting on hold not only a seemingly bottomless series of positive vibes, but also some of Providence's favorite bands. The good news is that, by way of consolation, he's put together a farewell Arcing show tonight with a dazzling array of Very Special Guests. Behold!

ARCING (Bon Voyage!)
STRINGBUILDER (Think Terminator 2)
JACOB THE TERRIBLE (Worcester Rockers)
TROPHY WIFE (Philly Shredders)

Machines With Magnets
Thursday August 4
Real Live 9
Probably not that many dollarz.