Friday, July 30, 2010

Godzilla vs AS220

Top of the morning, readers, and welcome to another 7 days of untold wonders at AS220. The weather has turned from oppressive to balmy. The birds are singing in the trees. I caught a Godzilla marathon on cable last night. What more could we ask for?

Tonight brings the noise with Academia, The Royalty, Tens of Thousands, and The Universe. It's indie! It's glam! It's garage! Saturday's show has been moved to the stratosphere: The Concord Ballet Orchestra Players, Goliath, Something like Banter & the Cybernetic Inevitable All-Stars, and The Invisible Hours promise to live up to their reputation as Theremin wielding, fuzz echoing, fire-starting ambient psychedelia. This Sunday is the first of the month. If you thought payday was good, wait till you catch the Empire Review. Wednesday at 5:30, for absolutely zero dollars, hackers unite at DC401. Stick around into the night for Sideshow, (R)octopus, This Is A Movement, and the Enthusiastics. Now listen close, readers: Thursday at high noon The Rhode Island Council for the Humanities will be hosting a grants information workshop. Bring a lunch or grab some in our restaurant, and get the down low on what grants are available, as well as secrets for *wowing* grant-makers. Did you know they're going to be our new office buddies in the Mercantile building? True story. Meet me for high-fiving by the water cooler in 15! Speaking of the Mercantile: we're hosting open houses of our fabulous new live/work studio situations every Tuesday evening from 5:30-7 through September. Cruise by to see their magnanimousness with your very own eyes!

That's all for the mo, readers. I'm off to catch the tail end of Godzilla v Mechagodzilla. For a fill rundown of the happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, away!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Armageddon Shop Presents: Thursday July 29th @ AS220

Armageddon Shop Presents:

Black Cobra


Struck By Lightning


Thursday July 29th
9pm sharp $8
All Ages Drink w/ID

115 Empire St
Providence RI 02903

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is It Getting Hot In Here?


Apologies, readers. Far be it from me to sound a false alarm, but it's getting so hot down here at AS220 I was starting to get concerned. Lord knows, if the fiery sensuality of this week's events so much as singed any of our beloved patrons, I would never be able to forgive myself. Entrusted with the knowledge of our upcoming happenings, it would be flippant and careless of me to bear this load alone, all the while knowing I could have done something to prevent a mishap. It's the cross I bear, readers: being weighted down with this veritable furnace of information. I can't take it anymore. Put on your fire-retardant jumpsuit; we're going in.

It's only a couple of hours until the madness begins to unfold. Tailor your pants, lovers: Makeupbreakup, The Press, The Brother Kite, and Cellar Doves take the stage in t-minus. Shake it! Saturday night is riddled with your Auntie Reba's all time favorite genre: Canadian! Suuns and Parlovr trek down south to grace us with their presence. Don't you mock me with your bacon! Minky Starshine will jack us up with some jams that I understand to be somewhere between ELO and the Kinks, and it looks like I'll finally get to see Ming Toro. If it's cool by Pelletier, it's cool by me. Sunday night is going to get disgusting, as Rampant Decay, Brain Shivers, Suzi Trash, and Immaculate: Grotesque show us what their band names are all about. I can't resist an Arkansan. Tuesday marks an always torrid extravaganza courtesy of Tor Johnson starring White Problems from Milwaukee, but the fun doesn't end there! Wednesday night is gonna get wild, team. Real wild... Grass Widow is coming in all the way from San Frisco, and I couldn't be more psyched. Remember what happened last time they were in town? Ok, its a little fuzzy, but this time we're hell-bent on making some memories. "My new favorites" and AS2000 all-stars Blood Huff are starting the night, and have committed to ensuring that something horrifying and uncomfortable happens before 9:45. I've got my eye on you, Zacchhiillii! It all culminates in me getting canned for having some sort of inappropriate celebrity meltdown, cause this night is headed up by The Avengers. "Not the unwed teen mothers of punk rock!?" you may be screaming aloud in your own mind. Yes, the very same. Sorry guys. If your favorite events emails come to an abrupt halt after this show, you know why. After that is the sickest Armageddon show yet to date, but you'll have to wait until next week for details. Ha! Or, check the calendar. I never was good at secrets.

There's the happs, readers. Now remember what we talked about re: sunscreen and oven mitts. You know the drill. For a full rundown of the sitch, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, away!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Armageddon Shop Presents: Ladies Rockin' TONIGHT! Thurs July 17th @ AS220

Soul Control
Providence's nicest dudes layin down some HCjams.

Two ladies and two dudes tearing you a new earhole. Ripping thrash. Girls rock indeed.

Stoked to be seeing these guys tonight!

Dios Mio
Wisconsin rippers... Hardcore attack!

Thursday July 15th
9pm sharp $6
All Ages Drink w/ID

115 Empire St
Providence RI 02903

Champagne Wishes and Rock n Roll Dreams: Your Week at AS220

Break it on down, readers! I hope everyone's week is as filled with Rock and Roll as mine has been. More on that in a moment, but first, a Cosmo-esque quiz to test your status in relation to the Devil's Music. Shall we begin?

1) CRASS is probably the greatest band of all time. Circle one: A. True B. False C. What now?
2) My personal hero is: A. Lita Ford B. Freddy Mercury C. Ted Nugent
3) If I were stranded on a desert island with one mix tape, it would include: A. Klaus Nomi, Megadeath, The Pretenders B. Judas Priest, David Bowie, Etta James C. Cher, Flying Luttenbachers, Coachwips.

If you answered mostly A, you should seriously consider making an appearance at the dazzling array of shows at AS220 this week. Mostly B, and you are veritably obligated to do so. C... for the love of all things holy, get down here. Ted Nugent? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. Though big ups on the Coachwhips. I'll give you points for that one.

Armageddon is nigh, for later this very night Soul Control, Voetsek, Lifers, and Dios Mio will take the stage. Dark! Friday night may well be the moment you've all been waiting for, in more ways than one. From 7-8pm, we'll bask in the kaleidoscopic magic that is the Girls Rock Camp Showcase. 30 gals age 11-18 have spent the week picking up instruments (many for the first time ever), forming bands, writing songs, designing and screenprinting t-shirts, making zines, and generally living the Rock and Roll lifestyle. They'll unveil their songs right here on the AS220 stage; come on down to see what they've been up to, and to support what Girls Rock is all about: making sure that everyone has access to community, self-assurity, high-fives, and killer jams. Even ladies! Who can't get on board with that?! Nobody, thats who. The good times don't end there: Saturday night, we've got The Down and Outs, Jesuscentric, and The New Warden lined up alongside The Jesse Minute. It's their CD release gala, and we're sparing no expense. Highlights later in the week include Tuesday's bill featuring Bellows, Matta Gawa, and Meteor Foot. Just when I thought that nothing could fill the Necronomitron shaped hole in my heart... I'm coming back Thursday to shake it loose with Makeupbreakup, The Press, The Brother Kite, and Cellar Doves. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

Relatedly, has everyone in town remembered to upload their jams to the AS220 jukebox? Does anyone here want to volunteer for a few hours at Foo Fest (read: get in for free and do us a solid?) Hit a sister back! For a full rundown of this week's happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, away!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Meet Me Up Top: Your Week @ AS220

Bonjourno, readers! Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Lazily we recline, veritably engorged with patriotism, still reeling from the three days of acid reflux we inadvertently thrust upon ourselves via pork rinds, light beer, and good times. A fickle mistress, they proved, and call to me still from beyond the grave. Nationalism is the heartburn, and disgusting Rock n Roll is the antacid. Walk with me, won't you?

Saturday holds, as per the usual, a riveting Irish Music Session in the afternoon (Tepid Guinness! I'll take two!) followed by an indie-math Pitchfork-darling studded extravaganza starring People of Color, Yellow Fever, Whitey, and 14foot1. Wednesday the 14th, Providence Geeks carry on the monthly tradition of Geek Dinner. Join us at 5:30 to, in their own words, help Rhode Island's digital innovators connect, collaborate, and ultimately make the City-State and its geeks info-technology leaders. Or just pick up programmers. Zing! Put a ring on it. Stick around for Royal Jelly, Grids, So Cow, and Panther Moderns. So Cow hails all the way from picturesque "land of the green" Ireland, and has been described on the internet as something meets something meets ABBA. SOLD!!!! You had me "It's so different from the world I'm living in; tired of TV." Thursday takes a hard left onto Hardcore Ave with Soul Control, Voetsek, Coss Examination, and Dios Mio. Thanks, Armageddon! Has anybody seen my backpatch? Friday evening, team... are you ready for this? Friday evening we are both psyched honored to be hosting the Girls Rock Rhode Island camp showcase. Gals age 11-18 will have spent the week learning to play instruments, forming bands, silkscreening shwag, writing songs, and all around being awesome. If anybody out there believes that arts education is a must have, that music carries with a transformative power, that feminism probably shouldn't be dead, or that Rock n Roll does in fact soothe the soul, get your grass down here from 7-8pm to cheer these bands on at their first show ever, though probably not their last. Feel free to shower them with record deals and positive reinforcement.

That's the good word, readers. I put this knowledge in your hands. Do with it what you will. For a full rundown of our happs, get thee to our calendar. Now I'm off for a Sea Breeze. Until the rock show, away!

Thursday, July 01, 2010


What's the good word, readers? It's been too long, hasn't it? I mean, I know we've seen each other around, but we haven't really talked. It leads me to think that we need some means of staying in touch... up to date with what's been happening in our lives, and with Rock and Roll. Something along the lines of... a Society Column!!! Shall we? Lets do this thing, Rhode Island:
Big ups to penultimate rockers Hilary and Brian, who took it to the "next level" via marital bliss. Finally, someone is listening to Beyonce! I'm not gonna say I didn't call it. New England's leading Christian Metal band The Body is gearing up to go on tour, and their subs have never sounded better. For the love of all things holy, someone bake those guys some non-perishables. Favorite art guy around town Jacob BroRendez has been seen spreading gossip like a madman, but somehow still seems to have more friends than anyone I know. Is it his looks? His charm? His raw talent? I want lessons, J-Bro!

Now that we're all on the same page: Friday night features an excellent as ever curation by great dudes and gear-fixing-wizards B Sharp: The Benedictions, The Silks, and OK FY Radio are on the horn to start your weekend right. You're gonna need it, readers. Do I even need to mention? Risen from the dead like so many post-apocalyptic no-wave noise rock zombies, Providence royalty of yesteryear and tomorrow Arab on Radar return this Saturday to remind you of how you lost your hearing in the 90s, and why it was all worth it. Kissing their feet and tittering like schoolgirls in the warm glow of their presence will be Tinsel Teeth and Whore Paint. Asthma inhalers and waterproof mascara not included. Sunday is America-O'clock, and what better way to celebrate than with the Empire Review? I've got a sneaking suspicion that Betty Sue will be wearing something particularly festive, and Vice-President Munslow has promised a monologue "more dazzling than an horizonless fireworks display on a moonless night, and more poignant than an interpretive re-dancing of the Declaration of Independence meets Ballet Russe." I'm sold. Speaking of, we've got new stuff in the gallery, including Favorite Picks of the Dirt Palace Library in the Project Space. Do stop by for a savory crumpet and a casual reading from Dworkin's classic feel-good novella, Intercourse. The main attraction, though, is Jen Raimondi's hyper-natural, excessively beautiful, and deeply disturbing instillation. Think human bones, gilded frames, missing teeth, hair of questionable origin, and assorted fungi. Yikes! This is buyin' art, people, and Jen is donating 10% of the take to Gulf Restoration Network. Git R Dun, Jen! Wednesday night's DC401 talk is totally free in the performance space, and will relate to the title The Economics of Personal Privacy and the Scam of Web2.0. Resident technology puppet-master Brandon Edens describes this talk as a possibly "enjoyable presentation for all of those in the 'I deleted my facebook profile' camp." Is there an open bar? In other news, we're collecting volunteers for Foo Fest. Warm Fuzzies! Anarchy! Free Passes! Rock and Roll! Indie Cred! Hit a sister back.

While the Soma-like calm of the blogosphere lulls me ever deeper within it, the pull of an after-work martini is winning out. Its been real as ever, readers. For a full rundown of the happs, get thee to our calendar. Until the rock show, away!