Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rollerderby Rocks

I went downtown to see the Providence Rollerderby on Sunday. Man, it was so fun. The women were super good at the sport and it made for a great night. The weather was pretty perfect too. It is awesome to have some interesting stuff to do Downtown. Whenever something like that happens and is successful it gives me high hopes for downtown-proper. I remember it used to be a ghost town down there on the weekends.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Forums Upgraded

The forums are upraded and seem to be working well. Please use the thread about the forums to send me any bugs or feedback,

Monday, May 22, 2006

Forums NOT Upgraded

Crap...i had it all working and then something went wrong. The old forums are back up for now.


Shit. So, a couple of things have become clear to me recently.

a) I hate the radio but I forgot my mp3 player so I was listening to B101 for like 5 minutes today. B101 is "the oldies station". In the 5 minutes that I listened, I heard the Police, The Romantics and Blondie. Now, when I came to Providence in 1989, B101 was all Bill Haley and the Comets, Nat King Cole and Peter Paul and Mary. It seems like New Wave is now "oldies".

b) When MTV and VH1 first aired, all my friends made fun of VH1 as being the "adult, easy listening" channel. Now, VH1 is having "The Month Of Metal" programming. I told my co-worker, "Hey, remember how when we were kids we thought VH1 was all old and lame? Now they have the Month Of Metal and stuff...". He said, "kids still think VH1 is old and lame". Shit, now Slayer and Megadeth are "oldies".

c) In 1994 I started teaching college classes. I was very young, so my students were my peers. I would reference things like Devo and Atari and everyone got it. Now my students have no idea who Devo is and all pop culture video references today date back to Nintendo and stop there. Erg. Oldies.