Thursday, April 29, 2010

MAYDAY! The Weekly Happs at AS220

Enchanté, readers! How goes the tangible reality? Here in the blogosphere we're reading a balmy 75 degrees, though at the rate YouTube keeps adding Lady Gaga videos, its about to get alot hotter. Can you handle it, show-goers? We'll wait and see. Is that a challenge? YOU BET IT IS!

I've spent the afternoon getting jacked up on double-caff Folgers and hyperventilating into a brown paper bag in preparation for tomorrow night's anticipated happening. It's been in my Blackberry for months, people, and the moment is finally nigh. Derek Holzer/TONEWHEELS, Black Pus, Humanbeast, and Shawn Greenlee are poised to lay siege to our senses in but a short 24 hours. With the promise of proactive treason, marital eroticism, horrifying drawings of blood, and untold varieties of aural assault, this ain't your mamas noise show. Be there, or possibly have some hope of decent hearing for the rest of your life. (Wait, does that even rhyme?) Also premiering that night is our fabulous new late Spring "Is It Summer Yet?" menu. (Littlenecks with asparagus, anyone? Vegan Rueben?) Sunday afternoon, get casual and saunter downtown for a free-of-charge May gallery opening. Featured this month is nicest person around town and no-longer secretly incredible artist Corey Grayhorse. Also for show and sale are some awesomely shiny and religiously themed works by Alicia Perez, new work by Andrew Gunnar Norquist, and books by children of the Fox Point Community Library. Stick around for an uncomfortably raunchy Empire Review, during which Keith Munslow will continue to tightrope the creepy/debonaire line via having promised to "get wet." Um, really? We're also having a special open Monday for crooning protestors Detroit Rebellion, Joe Fletcher, and Gregory and the Hawk. Fast forward through a thrilling week of cottage industry classes, and bring it all home next Friday for a "very special" B Sharp Presents. Rearing to go are Los Monos Locos and... are you ready? Atlantic Thrills. DAN TANNER WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! Welcome home, buddy. Your music scene high fives you.

There it is, rockers. For a full rundown of the weekly happs, get to our calendar. If you need me, I'll be in the green room doodling "Reba hearts Black Pus"... "Mrs Reba Humanbeast"... etc. Until next time, away!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Here we are again, readers. The womb-like pleasantness of the blogosphere numbs us not, but rather enables our lucidity and heightens our awareness of the surrounding environs and weekly happenings. While downcity has, of late, been the site of flash floods, drunken brawls, riots surrounding iced coffee, a couple of interesting incidences involving fireworks and proto-farmers markets, innumerable baffling interpersonal interactions, and one quasi-sensual critical mass, let us focus our attention on one western corner known to its devotees as the Artist's Space 220. We've got an epic week lined up, and I heard Meredith baked cookies.

Did anyone else forget to celebrate Earth Day until the 9 p.m. Bono tribute specials ran on cable? No big D, hippies; there's time to go green yet. Sunday night, local Aveda mavens Kim and Courtney host Clean Water Makes Noise, a glimmering extravaganza featuring the musical stylings of local legends I Destroyer, Chrome Jackson, and Holy Sheet. The $6-10 sliding scale cover goes right to Potomac Conservancy, and scores you not only access to a dazzling array of bands, but also a fantastic raffle spotlighting contributions from such local business as The Red Fez, Nick-a-nees, McGinnis Tattoo, E&O, Seven Stars Bakery, White Electric, Julians, Legend Bicycle, Second Time Around, A Pleasant Surprise, The Coffee Exchange, Into the Wardrobe, and Narragansett Brewery. Jigga WHA?! Pass the hemp paper and India ink. I'm signing up. Tuesday evening marks a divergence with a night of hilarity via the comedic stylings of Ahmed Bharoocha, Tim Vargulish, and Michael Wilbur. I've been practicing my heckling, and I think its pretty clear its a term of endearment. Right? Don't be afraid to rest up before Friday; I'm canceling my Saturday brunch plans, because this show might kill me: Derek Holzer (Germany)/TONEWHEELS, Black Pus, humanbeast, and Shawn Greenlee take over Providence and our stage in a calculated attempt to destroy our ears, enliven our spirits, and generally raise hell. Avante garde? Yes. Assaultive? Sure. Unparalleled? Absolutely. I'll be the one up front wearing razor-blades and earplugs.

Until then, I'll be choreographing my routine for the noise show. Jazz Hands! Kick! Spin! Drop! Turn! Sashay! Spirit Fingers!

For a full rundown of the weekly happs, hit up our calendar. Away!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Weekly Happs at AS220 Includes 4/20

Dark days, readers. I hope you're all sitting down, because the frenzied diatribe about to ensue is fueled by an ardor so hyper-zealous, so intensely fervent, so borderline maniacal, as to dangerously teeter on the brink of irrationality were it not so solidly rooted in authenticity and quantifiable righteousness. The upcoming happenings are not only close to my own heart and investments, but exemplify empirically radical qualities, the combining of which can only be described as a "Recipe for Awesome." Behold:

Friday night kicks off with your favorite and mine, members of Made in Mexico/Wishing Wells/Arab on Radar/What-Have-You, much anticipated Cumbia all-stars Jamazon. They'll warm it up for Major Stars and (tah-dah!!!!) Sightings. But a short 24 hours after, experimental "Biennial-Makers" Peter Glantz, Blevin Blectum, Amil Byleckie and so many more unleash an audio-visual immersion so staggeringly contemporary that the avante-films of your past will be relegated to the company of steam engines, push mowers, Apple 2Es, and Friendster. Saturday morning also marks the first session of our week long 3 part large format photography class. Old-timey! DIY! Steam Punk! Limited room is still available, so get on the locomotive stat by reserving a spot via our AS220 online shop. If the chemicals don't kill you, come back Monday night for an extra special hotbed of sin and iniquity with the touring phenomenon that would be Pitchfork darlings, if only they'd drop the swearing and loose the Iggy Pop style feminism. The Coathangers guarantee the poppiest man-hating we've had the pleasure of enjoying since the Bombettes, and team up with 3D Mystery and Glowkid. Can the madness possibly end there?! NEVER! Wednesday night marks our Susperia-esque descent into electronic psychedelia via Daniel Ephram (The Heartland!), Sky Jelly, GB PKA GÃteaux Blasters (Switzerland), and Bixit. Thursday, though, we've got a show that you won't be afraid to bring home to mom: Brown Bird, A Weather, and Lis Isenberg bring back sweeping revival Americana. Now thats something we can both enjoy!

Thats all I've got, readers; you can peep the full week's listings here. I'm saving my energy for the rock shows this weekend. What do you think? The black T-shirt, or... Oh wait...


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Freezepop, Plushgun, Triangle Forest

Freezepop is playing tonight with Plushgun and Triangle Forest at Club Hell.

Record Store Day: TODAY Saturday, April 17th

Record Store Day. Today. 12-8pm @ Armageddon Shop.

700 Used LP's & 10"s put out for your browsing. Plus a new handful of EP's. Some rares, Underdog, Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, Crass Records, out of print Indie, too much to list, but if you can't find something in this batch of stuff we'd be surprised.

Tons to browse.

We got some RSD titles, don't ask us which ones. Come check it out.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Record Store Day: Saturday, April 17th 2010

Armageddon Shop will be a participating RI store for Record Store Day.

We will be putting out a ton of newly priced used VINYL LP's. Lots of great stuff: rare, out of print, hard to find, etc etc. You love vinyl, we love vinyl. So we're bringing in a bunch for RSD.

And for the CD buying folks: On Record Store Day ALL CD'S will be on SALE at 20% OFF.

ONLINE CUSTOMERS can get the 20% deal on CD's on ALL ORDERS PLACED on SUNDAY APRIL 18th by mentioning "RSD discount" in the notes on the checkout/shopping cart.

See you Saturday.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Weekly Happs at the AS2000

We're at it again, readers. Down here at the Artist's Space Two Twenty, we've got a slew of awesome-encrusted happenings so bejeweled with radicalism and modernity I dare not look directly into their light. If good times are rhinestones, then I'm Liberace. Get out your Windex and newsprint like your mama taught you; I want to see my face in this one.

Tonight's goings on are as dazzling as they are imminent. AS220's much anticipated (as Facebook tells me) Jukebox goes live in but a mere matter of moments. If your all local and ever original tunes aren't up there yet, get crackin! Cruise on by the bar tonight to experience the greatest hits of Diego Perez, Shawn Greenlee, Diana Joy, Diego Perez,The Edens Experience, Soul Control, Megasus, and so many more. I'm sticking around after for an au courant film and performance art experience via UnSaddest Factory Theatre. Head home after to pop those black jeans in the dryer until Saturday night: Thou, Elder, Black Pyramid, and Kintaan remind us that Pure Evil hasn't lost its spunk. Sick stuff, people, and I'm not talking about chicken soup. Sunday night trades in unholy darkness for black comedy when The Empire Review returns to our stage. Racy! (Learn from my mistakes, readers: don't sit next to your parents. It gets awkward.) It doesn't end there! Monday night invokes a mystical immersion as traveling gypsies create semi-improvisational soundtracks to experimental films via analog synths, electronic hardware, and acoustic accompaniment. Steve Jobe & Rachel Miller are joined by the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble, as well as Jacob Haller. I'll pitch this out, too: Tuesday at noon we're hosting an Anarchist Luncheon. We'll provide the tea sandwiches and crudites if you bring the not-burning-the-place-down. Deal? Topic of convo includes "We Are an Image from the Future: the Greek Revolt of December 2008." Shake it all off Wednesday night with Daniel Francis Doyle, Divets, Math The Band 8-bit Visual Set, and Global Crash. Sexy Mustard. Right? Right!

There it is, team. T minus twenty minutes till Jukebox o'clock. I've got to finish uploading that song I just wrote... the one about a breakup that ends in a breakdown.... Meet me in partytown! For the full rundown of AS220's happs, get yourself to our website.

High Fives forever. Until next week, away!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

AS220 Kills It Dead, Week of Easter

Here's the d, team. Reba here, from such entities as Rock n Roll, Stuff Around Town, and AS220. I've been graciously invited by my favorite moderator and yours to share with LOTSOFNOISE the weekly happs at the AS2000, which I regularly email to a couple thousand of my closest friends. Looking forward to seeing you here in the blogosphere every Thursday from now on, as well as at shows probably every night this weekend. (Hey Schneider- each of my posts to the front page count for 10 of yours in the forums. I'll see your 1,023 in Hell!) Here it is, folks: The story downtown this week:

Readers, brace yourselves. Its about to get real. Your Auntie Reba isn't one to throw around superlatives willy-nilly, but the upcoming week at AS220 is so riveting, so profoundly myriad and great, so encrusted in blood and glitter, and so close to my own heart that I find myself incapable of maintaining my characteristic stolid and icily professional disengagement from the matters at hand. For those taking notes, mark these as the headers: "Week of 4/1: Armageddon Becomes a Reality; All of Reba's Bands Play/Resurrection Never Felt So Good; AS220 Foils The Man/Builds Android/Kicks Out The Jams; Performance Art Makes a Comeback/Punkers and Hippies Rejoice."

On to the gritty: This Friday is going to be a firestorm of awesomeness. Armageddon is nigh, and it may be the best one yet. The Bombettes join us from Sweden to remind us that other peoples can be far more hardcore, and far more attractive than ourselves. Providence supergroup Arcing precedes them (Don't stand too close to those riffs! They're sharp!) as well as my personal heroes, Butcherings. Blood Sacrifice will open. What they lack in a MySpace page they make up for in sensory immersion. The following evening offers something entirely divergent: AS220 March Artist in Residence Hana van der Kolk presents a series of choreographed movement sequences exploring the dynamics, relationships, and personal histories of particular duos. "The Third Thing," starting at 6 pm for exactly zero dollars, will feature such favored Providence teams as Andrew Oesch and Susan Sakash, and Human Beast/marriage collaborators Maralie Armstrong and Eli Milholland. Believe me when I relate to you, readers, that after stopping by a brief rehearsal of this project, your Auntie Reba was thrown into an existential tailspin, bike rode home crying, and was forced to read her own tarot desperately seeking answers to the debilitating questions of cosmic isolation for over two hours. Thats a true story. Do not miss this performance. Right around the corner is Easter Sunday, and to celebrate, we've decided to resurrect mind-blowing rock shows. Rock isn't Dead; It Is Risen! Not only is this evening conducive to festive floral semi-formal wear, but also promises a host of phenomenal acts: Bellows heads it up, and they've hinted that show-goers may want to bring their hymnals for sing-a-longs. You'll want it, after Holy Sheet. I've yet to find anything to get their stains out, but I've heard that baking soda works... Dadaist mathers Normal Love is making the trek from Philly, and it's no wonder: with newish Providence resident/other worldly expatriate performative humorist Diana Joy sharing her rousing accordion break-up songs, gothic sound-scapes, and glistening grill, who could miss this show? Not I, for I've weaseled my own way onto the bill! The triumphant debut of Whore Paint is imminent! As though this holiday extravaganza could not get more epic, Xander Marro has graciously agreed to screen her first and most adorably themed film, "The Bunny Movie." Egg hunt still pending. Don't think for a second that the magic ends there. Tuesday night promises more devastatingly good looking European punkers, as posh Frenchman Gunslingers join Lifers and Psonen.

"Reba," you're surely saying, "the madness must stop there. After that sort of weekend, how could AS220 possibly seek to top their own best?" I'll tell you how, readers. Thursday evening, we unveil the answer to all of our prayers and yours. Our crack team of computer nerds and rockers, after months of work underground in a top secret bunker, have emerged with AS220's finest work of fabrication to date: the AS220 Jukebox! We're super proud of this, team, and soon you will be too. Here's the deal: We need some hot jams to play in our bar, and you know we love to keep it ASCAP free. Through our digital Jukebox, all of you local players/screamers/crooners can upload your jams and get them played, and an endless stream of drinkers and show-goers can bask in the warm glow of your righteous licks. To know everything you ever wanted and more about this magic, and to load your music into our system, visit Do it! For the love of God, get some music into our saloon. Bar patrons, select your favorite local hits with the knowledge that your quarter will find its way to a real live musician. (Can Best Buy make you the same offer?!) We're having a listening/kickoff party on Thursday the 8th at 7, and the first 10 people to upload via our website this week are getting a free beer at the party. Unless you want it to be all Made in Mexico all the time, you'll get in there and get it done! That same night promises all kinds of experimental theater and film in our performance space, and the grand re-opening of Wheels down the road. I'm not sure if I can handle it.

I'll keep you no longer, readers. You've got Easter dresses to choose, albums to upload, Europeans to outdo... I'll leave you to it. For a full listing of of AS220 shows this week, visit our calendar online. Until next week, away!

Friday, April 2nd @ AS220

Good Friday Jams. Stoked!!!