Sunday, April 30, 2006


Hey everyone. The show was a big success. The bands were amazing and thanks to all of you will now be paid-in-ful for 2 years. That is a really big deal and I totally appreciate it. Having the site be locally supported is evidence that Providence rocks and so do the folks that live here. Thanks.

and more thanks to:
  • Sasha, for helping plan the whole night
  • Made In Mexico, Tiny Hawks, Unprotected Sects and Work/Death, for playing
  • Nice Slice,, Julians, White Electric, As220, Load, Corleone and the artists that supplied us with raffle giveaways.
  • 39 Troy, for letting us use the space
  • All of the folks that volunteered..making popcorn, selling tickets, moving stuff...
If anyone took photos, please let me know, or just post them to the lotsofnoise gallery.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Hi everyone. So, a month or so ago I was mentioning that the reasons LOTSOFNOISE kept going down were partially due to the fact that the site is so large that it costs a ton to keep up. I really try to keep LON ad free and have done so for years...but the hit on my wallet is just too large. Many of you have volunteered in one for or another and that is rad. Here is the biggie though. We are having a benefit show this week and we hope you will come. All proceeds go into keeping the site alive and kicking. My guess is that this one event will keep LON going for 1-2 years:

the line-up:

Made in Mexico
Tiny Hawks
Unprotected Sects
(debut performance of musical theater by Dirt Palace ladies Xander and Sasha w/ Ali from Dreamhouse)
...and a carnival!

-games with prizes donated by local business, artists and musicians (So far we have stuff/confimations from White Electric, Julian's, As220, Load, Corleone, Matt Brinkman, Nice Slice and more).
-continuous screenings all night of the Intensylvania Collective's new basement horror movie series
-gruesome face/body painting booth courtesy of Merrydeath
-stiltwalkers! popcorn!

Thanks a ton to Sasha for coordinating everything. Come out and keep LOTSOFNOISE running--Help us stay community (not advertising) supported!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Project Digs Closing partay

So, the first Project Digs opening was rad. Now, the closing party is upon us. Check it out...there will be new performers as well as new art from the already featured artists. Lots of cool art for decent money to be had...and things were selling really well. SATURDAY APRIL 22, 6-9PM and on.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Project Digs' first show

Local arteest Josie Morway is kicking off her new gallery space this coming Saturday the 15th. The space, Project Digs, is a three story Victorian that is being converted to host work by artist, musicians, architects etc.

The participant list on the site is small compared to the actual artist count...but one thing I do know is that I am going to have about 11 paintings in that joint (10 tiny, 1 large). Please come by and see some art and hear some music. The hours are posted on the link above, but the opening is 6-9pm Saturday with a party and performances from 9pm on. Location: 89 Courtland St, 02909

See you there.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Lord Of Magic...the gathering

Big props to Providence's own Paul Lyons for winning the "crown" at the recent championship of Magic: The Gathering. Paul is now the Rhode Island MTG Champ. There can be only one.

If anyone is looking for a new band name, you just struck pure gold. Check out Paul's dominating deck below. Howabout Steamcore Weird? or Drift Of Phantasms?

Paul Lyons
1st Place - Rhode Island
40 cards

5 Swamp
6 Island
4 Mountain
1 Dimir Aqueduct
1 Watery Grave

17 land

1 Wee Dragonauts
1 Ogre Savant
1 Drake Familiar
1 Drift of Phantasms
2 Vedalken Entrancer
1 Lurking Informant
2 Steamcore Weird
1 Stratozeppelid
1 Dimir House Guard
1 Thoughtpicker Witch
2 Izzet Chronarch

14 creatures
1 Brainspoil
1 Strands of Undeath
1 Electrolyze
1 Halcyon Glaze
1 Dimir Signet
2 Douse in Gloom
1 Boros Signet
1 Necromancer's Magemark

9 other spells

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Anyone see Thrillions the other night?

Holy crud...Thrillions were awesome last Saturday. They only played a 3 song set...but they were pretty freakin rad. These guys and gals are only gonna get check it. 2 drummers, sax, geetar and bass...R A D.

Also, big Huzzah to B Sharp for their 3rd birthday. B Sharp is Providence's hometown musical instrument store. Bring some stomp boxes by and have them mod'em for you. I did. Stock pedals are for suckers.