Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good new shit

So, I made my sort of yearly visit to one of my favorite record stores on the planet...Aquarius Records (in San Fran). The guys there are really great and the selection is excellent. Anyway, some awesome new stuff came out that I wanted to share:

Danava - I am a HUGE fan. I know that some of you aren't. Your loss. Prog/Glam.

Black Son Of Nexus (B.SON) - sludgy and heavy with scary vox. Best CD packaging ever. All metal, brass or something. [edit: at first, I wrote "best cd" instead of "best cd packaging" ooops]

Earth - the masters of slow are back...but this time, unplugged? It is a weird one, but really good. some distortion but mostly piano and clean. The tiniest pinch of country fried. I know, weird...but it is really good...if you like Earth.

Black Cobra - It is fucking Black Cobra. Enough Said.

Radar Bros - dreamy and pseudo psychedelic. Pink Floydish...kind of. Pleasant. I love these guys.

Middian - offshoot from one of my faves, YOB. really good record.

Mammatus - slow, heavy and psyched out. YOBish, Perry Farrellish vox. I like.

Saviours - Heavy and the Sword. I probably dont like the Sword, but whatever. There are days where I wish there were more SoCal thrash bands in the world and these types of bands fit the bill for me. Guitar-y and produced.

Magnetic Fields - haven't made it all the way through this one yet..but I mean, it is the Magnetic Fields...right? I will let you know.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feb 10

Looks like a good Providence+ show tonight.

Note to Jeep Shop: beware glass shards on the floor.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Toste Vs Straight Ticket

Jeff Toste is hoping to ditch Straight Ticket voting, and is looking for your help. Go to the link and sign the petition...if you like.

“Straight-ticket or straight-party voting allows voters to make one pull, punch, or mark in order to vote for all candidates of a single political party. Straight-ticket voting originated to simplify the voting process and improve voter turnout. Unfortunately, the result of straight-ticket voting is an unfair advantage for major political parties.”

Saturday, February 02, 2008

5ive tonight and some PsychProg

For those experi-metal sludge lovers out there, 5ive is playing tonight in Boston at Great Scott with Hackman and Never Got Caught. 21+ 9pm $9.00

Never Got Caught

I am talking to those guys about booking a show in Providence soon, so if you can't make it, hopefully there will be one right in your back yard soon enough. To Great Scott:

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