Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sweet Fancy Moses, the Forums are back!

In the true spirit of holidaze, LOTSOFNOISE frequenter Gauze gave us our forums back. Waiting for my webhost to solve my forum woes was going nowhere but Gauze brought us back from the depths. Not only are the boards back but there are now multiple anti spamola strategies in there as well. I think there are still a few to go...but things should be a lot better now.

Sorry for the look of the forums...I will need to make a new skin that fits the site's style again...but that is an MP not a YP. For now, enjoy the fully functioning yet visually dull forums.

Oh yeah...we unfortunately lost a week or so of posts so please repost if you need to.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fuckin' Spam!

Sorry everyone, but the forums are down. Spammers were hitting us hard and during an attempt to squash the problem, something went, um, wrong.

I will hopefully have this fixed by tonight with the help of some awesome LON'ers.

The rest of the site is working fine though.